A Guide to Buying

Buying a home can be a tedious and complex process. You can take comfort in knowing that my Team and I will work with you from the beginning of the home buying process to forever.

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This Home Buyer Guide will provide you with essential information that we consider relevant, and in some cases necessary, to assist you in realizing your goal of homeownership.

(Not just a Real Estate Agent)

While the terms “REALTOR®” and “real estate agent” are used interchangeably, there are some unique differences. While they perform similar jobs, REALTORS® are held to higher standards (known as the Code of Ethics) as established by the National Association of REALTORS®. Strict adherence to the extensive Code of Ethics is required so consumers may feel at ease knowing that they are working with licensed professionals who are thoroughly vetted and have sworn to uphold those professional standards.

Most Sellers have a representative (Listing Agent) working on their side of the transaction. It is equally important to have a REALTOR® on your side representing you and your interest as a Buyer Agent, even if you are purchasing new construction from a builder (Seller).

As your REALTOR®, my Team and I will help you navigate the homebuying process: assist you with the paperwork, identify on and off market homes that meet your criteria; negotiate pricing and other contract terms, provide access to the homes, submit Offers on your behalf, and provide other valuable services.

Determining Your Budget and Financing Options

The first step in buying a home is determining your budget. You should consider your income, expenses and debt when determining what you can comfortably afford. Once you have a budget in mind, you can explore financing options such as mortgages, loans and grants.

Be prepared with bank statements, W-2s, tax returns from the last couple of years and asset statements if you are going to pay cash. Sellers want qualified Buyers who are ready, willing and able to complete the purchase.

Have your mortgage broker, loan officer or personal banker obtain your financing approval before shopping for a home. This preapproval process requires extensive documentation and verification. Your preapproval letter will state the amount you are already pre-approved for and other relevant financial information.

Some types of properties require more in-depth financial review of buyers than others. Housing cooperatives require the most scrutiny of your personal finances versus a condominium, townhouse or detached home. After you put down an Earnest Money Deposit (EMD), you still need to have assets to complete the purchase.

Research Neighborhoods/Communities

It is imperative that you research neighborhoods/communities before you start touring properties with your REALTOR®. Your new home should fit your lifestyle as well as your budget. Consider factors such as location, schools, amenities, entertainment, commuter routes if applicable, local history, future planned development, etc. It is also recommended that you visit the neighborhoods/communities during different times of the day to assess things like traffic patterns and noise levels.

Making an Offer

Once you identify a home that meets your criteria, and want to make an Offer, we will conduct the necessary due diligence to ensure that you have as much information as possible to make an informed purchase. Things to consider include but are not limited to: a review and understanding of the Seller provided disclosure documents, current home sale prices in that community, property conditions, current market trends, property taxes, and pending distress actions, etc. Keep in mind that home sales prices are based on recent comparable sales.


After you and the Seller have agreed on a sales price, adhered to all the terms of the Contract and financing has been secured, you will need to complete the sale by signing legal documents and paying the remaining related costs, the transfer of home ownership will take place. As your REALTOR®, we will walk you through the entire process and ensure that all requirements are met.


At the conclusion of the sale, it is time to move in. We will have provided you with the necessary information to transfer your utilities. We highly recommend that you change the locks within 24 hours if you are not able to do so on the same day.

Maintain Your Home

Be sure to maintain your home in the best possible condition. This includes routine maintenance such as cleaning, painting, landscaping, and addressing any necessary repairs. We also have resources available to assist you with determining the cost of any needed repairs resulting from your annual home inspection.

In Conclusion

In addition to providing this Home Buyer Guide, we invite you to schedule a Home Buyer Consultation where we will discuss your home buying needs and provide you with full details on our entire Home Buyer Process.

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